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2e/Dual Exceptional: we are very comfortable with dual exceptional children and enjoy helping identify their strengths.

ADA access to offices: Both offices are fully ADA accessible. Parking for WLA: Park on the street at meter and come in front door OR park on roof of garage and come in the elevator take elevator to the 2nd floor. Parking for SFV: Park only in the rear parking lot after parking, go down the ramp into the parking garage, take the elevator to the first floor.

Ages/Issues we serve: 3 years to 22, and older than 22 only by exception. We work with all thypes of neurodiversity including Autism Spectrum, Intellectual Disability, Down Syndrome, Behavior Disorders including ADHD and ODD Learning Disorders including dyslexia, dyscalculia and NonVerbal Learning Disability medical and neurological conditions such as epilepsy, TBI, CP, and genetic conditions impacting neurology, as well as intellectually gifted.
Behaviorists: In most cases, aides, BIIs and BTs (or parents) will not be permitted in the testing room.
Electronics: Please do NOT bring electronic gaming devices etc (iPads, phones with games) to the waiting room.
Insurance We do not accept insurance. We will, in select cases, provide a Superbill for parents to see reimbursement. Cases which are forensic or educational will not be eligible for a Superbill.
IEEs: parents should provide either a fully executed settlement agreement or approval letter before holding the consultation. If contracting is needed, parents may choose to complete the consult before the contract is finalized, but this may be at an out of pocket cost for the consultation in most cases, this is reimbursed by our office at the finalization of the case.
Observations: Most evaluations include school observation.
Neurodiversity: we take a neurodiversity perspective and focus on strengths as well as needs. The type of evaluation you select will determine the focus of the recommendations.
Parents: parents of minors are normally the holder of priviledge and have to be present for all evaluations, unless a specific exception is made. Parent must remain on premeisis the entire time child is in the suite. Parent is responsible for bringing medications, food, assistive devices, etc. If you child comes without his/her glasses/hearing aids/AAC devices/medication, etc. testing may be rescheduled.
Parking: In West LA parking is validated in the garage. In SFV, parking is free in the lot attached to the building.
Payment: Payment for private clients is due when service is rendered, the consult payment is du at or before the consult the evaluation fee is due at the first day of testing, unless other arrangements are agreed to by Dr. Simun. We accept Cash, Checks, and Purchase orders we accept Credit Cards for an additional fee we do not accept debit cards at this time.

Timing: most children are tested from 9:30 to 2pm. They will have breaks for movement, snacks and lunch.

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